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Reports and Documentation

Putting it all together


An investigation is nothing without a well written report and the proper documentation. Our reports reflect our work, and we have utilized weeks of research and training to develop our unique reports. Our reports are clear, concise, and do not have over reporting. They are easy to read and do not use the generic technical writing often found in police reports. 


Every case has a journal where the investigator documents their action along with the date and the time. This allows us to not only keep track of everything we do for our clients, but it also allows us to limit the information in the reports to what we find during the investigation, and not what we did. We believe the report should document the information we find, and the journal should document what we did. This keeps our clients from having to sift through sentences and paragraphs or irrelevant information. 


We utilize software to develop a digital case file with attachments. The case file in it's entirety is kept online, and when the case is complete, our clients get an email containing a link to the file. The file can be viewed and/or easily downloaded with one click. The link can be emailed to the client at any time during the investigation.


The case file contains a billable hours and expense tracking form that is updated every time something is worked on the case file. Our clients have the option to access this at any time during the investigation.


All of our reports and case files are double checked for errors of any kind. We believe a poorly written report with grammatical errors is reflection on the investigator and not proper for court purposes.