Asset Search


Real Property

We locate real property from the subject's own home to rental properties and investment properties. Our results often include finance information and when available, we search the county GIS system to verify current ownership, years owned, and the tax value.


We conduct a vehicle search using proprietary databases, the DMV (additional fees may apply), and social media.


We search databases, social media, and when available, the state agency that issues boating registrations.

Corporate Affiliations

Multiple resources are searched for corporate affiliations which includes a search for professional licenses. We start with proprietary databases and search state corporation commissions, and local records when possible.


We report all liens found during our search and we also report any civil action to include judgments and evictions.

And More

Our reports are not limited to the above, and we also include employment information, residence, aircraft, firearm licenses, ATV's, and more

Asset Search Sample Report

Sample Asset Search Report (pdf)