Personal Injury Investigations make up over 95% of our cases

Legal Investigation -Duty, Breach, Causation, and Damages

Is a police officer not returning your call? Is the police report correct? Is a witness avoiding you? Would your case be stronger if you knew who that witness was that stopped at the scene? Did that curve really play a roll in the crash? How worn is the tread on those stairs? Was that dog vicious before?  Investigations are complex, and when done right, they take time. Using a legal investigator to conduct a thorough investigation gives the attorney the time to practice the law.

Like you, your clients deserve the best, and when it comes to personal injury investigations, using a legal investigation firm that not only understands tort law, but continually educates themselves in the area of personal injury investigations will ensure you get what you expect.

Our firm will outperform other personal injury investigators by a factor of five! We are so confident in our ability to investigate and document that if you disagree, you won't see an invoice. 


locate witnesses and Defendants

Have you ever received an invoice from an personal injury investigation firm that could not locate someone? We don't believe in that and we understand how important a witness is to your case. Whether you can't find them or someone is avoiding you, we have proven methods of getting in front of people. 

Conduct Interviews

We don't get a statement, we conduct an interview. We know the right questions to get the needed information. We know how to assess people, build rapport, and get people to willingly speak with us. Our detailed and well documented interviews can be compared to a deposition. 

Obtain Documents

Not just court records, we use the Freedom of Information Act to collect 911 audio calls, dispatcher logs, body cameras, police video, police reports, police photos, crash scene reconstruction reports, and much more. Despite some limitations to the FOIA, we've had great success.

Scene Examination

We take accident location photos with a photo log (so  you know without a doubt what you are looking at), measurements, and produce to-scale diagrams upon request.

Sight-Distance Measurements

Sight-distance measurements can really put things together when a defendant claims a hill or curve was involved or their was an obstruction. We provide descriptive photos with a log.

Well documented reports

A lot of research and training went into the design of our reports. We have a unique reporting style designed to be easy to read, easy to follow, and  prevents over reporting.