Locate Witnesses

The witnesses you know about, the ones you don't, and the ones that don't want to cooperate.

Have you ever had a witness that won't return your call? Of course you have -this is the nature of your profession. However, it's the nature of our profession to find them. 

Have you ever paid someone to locate a witness only to get an email saying they can't find them and an attached invoice? We believe you should receive value for your money. 

Our searches go far beyond a simple database search. We contact family members, landlords, employers, neighbors, and friends. Our hands on approach goes beyond the office and gets results -there is no other way to put it. 

Whether it's a passerby or a police officer, we can find them. 


Identifying Witnesses

Court records

If someone was charged in the incident, the investigating police officer will often times request a subpoena for any witnesses.

Dispatcher reports

911 calls are a great sources of identifying witnesses. Many times people call 911 and keep driving. 

911 Audio Recordings

911 audio recordings will sometimes give a name of a caller and telephone number that is not listed on the dispatchers log. 

Police Notes

Police notes will have any witness information if the officer took a statement from them, even if the officer decides not to subpoena the witness.

Social Media

When searches are done right, social media can turn up a number of witnesses. For example, we once used social media to identify the first person on the scene of a fatality crash. 


A traditional canvass of an incident area is a great way to develop witnesses. Even when a person didn't see anything, they will sometimes direct you to someone that did.