Corporate Investigations

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Internal Investigations

You are not alone. At some point in time every business has an issue that needs a thorough investigation. In some situations, they just don't need it, they have to have it. Investigations need to be impartial and using in-house staff can often times appear biased if the situation ends up in a court room. We provide thorough, ethical, and impartial investigations into a variety of corporate internal issues to include compliance, harassment, theft and fraud, sabotage, and espionage. 

Advantages of using an outside investigation firm for internal issues

  1. Viewed as impartial by employees and the courts
  2. Trained and experienced investigators who do only investigations
  3. No accusations of retaliation
  4. Prevents information leaking to other parties within company
  5. Outside investigators have no preconceived notions about the workplace or the employees involved
  6. No knowledge of previous incidents and employee behavior that might cloud the judgment of HR investigators. 


Making informed decisions -that is what intelligence helps to do for corporate leaders. From background research on personnel to collecting information on competitors to help you make informed decisions, we understand the importance of information. Those with the most information, win. 


Case Study

Corporate Espionage or a disgruntled employee?

  A manufacturing company working on a government contract found someone was sabotaging their product making it difficult for them to fulfill their contractual obligation to deliver by a certain date. 

The business, along with their attorney, hired our firm to conduct an investigation into this suspected corporate espionage. 

We identified a suspect the first day at the site, but continued down our list to rule out other employees who were in areas where the sabotage was happening. 

Through collecting, examining, and analyzing all physical evidence and multiple interviews, we were able to identify the perpetrator and his motive -a disgruntled employee passed over for promotion. 

The employee was subsequently terminated and the workplace returned to normal.