Conduct Interviews

Over 10,000 hours of interviewing experience

The book Outliars by Malcolm Gladwell make a case that to be an expert you must first have 10,000 hours of experience. Our investigators have over 10,000 hours of interviewing experience ranging from street level interviews, to interrogations, to counter-espionage interviews, to conducting examinations under oath. 

We do not simply take a statement, we conduct an interview. Using tort law as a foundation for developing interview questions and follow-up questions, we ask what is needed to be asked to get the information important to our clients cases. 

Our interviews are typically traditional note taking followed by a written report, but we can take declarations, get signed statements, and/or conduct recorded interviews at the clients request. 

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Check out this article on interviewing written by our managing investigator, Christopher Borba, for Pursuit Magazine

Documenting an interview

Our reports make it easy for our clients. They are simple, eliminate over reporting, and get to the point.