Collect Documents


Court Records

Although we do not offer court record retrieval only for new clients, we find valuable information in court records for personal injury investigations.

Dispatcher Logs (CAD & CFS)

We have extensive experience utilizing the Freedom of Information Act to obtain dispatcher call records which contain incident descriptions, locations, names, and more. 

Animal Control Records

Animal control records are very valuable with animal attack cases. The records may show a history with the animal and any response details to include the current status of the animal. 

State Police Records/Photos

Although, they are not always available due to ongoing investigations, we've had success in retrieving case notes, reports, photos, police radio traffic recordings, and more. 

Police Video (Car and body camera)

If there is video of the incident, the video can either be retrieved or preserved depending on the status of any criminal case.

911 Audio Recordings

911 audio recordings pertaining to an incident are a valuable tool for an investigation. They often contain information not listed on the dispatcher call records and sometime provide descriptions of the incident. 

Unlimited Potential

Our document collection is not limited to the above. If there is something you need for a case please be sure to ask us.